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Pastor Anita

I am Anita. I created this site as my way of reaching out and inspiring hope in those who are vulnerable and have specific needs in their lives as we all do at a point in time.

I am a counsellor and an integrated life solution therapist. I incorporate a combination of therapy types in my practice. My work is in counselling and helping people who are dealing with stress, abuse, bereavement, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, trauma, lack of energy or motivation. I have worked in various supportive roles in both paid and voluntary capacity with communities, families and individuals for over 20 years. Several emotional issues hold us back from tapping into our potential to make our vision a reality. Having a life solution coach by your side will support you to help you connect to who you are, and help you recognise your strengths to create change in your own life.

Pain is a fact of life, it is inevitable, but suffering is optional. You can do something to change the pain by overlooking every obstacle, take control as a force of nature to grow and expand. I aim to offer a confidential and non-judgemental place to help my clients understand their issues and provide a safe place where they can work through their feelings or situation. Going through this process will assist clients with moving forward to achieve their goals.


Important Information

It has been brought to my attention that there are persistent rumors and misinformation about my marital status being circulated and I would like to address the certain reconciliation rumours with this statement. Further to the formal notification of the dissolution of marriage made by my Solicitors earlier this year, please note that this has not changed; and I am no longer a part of Christ Embassy aka Believer’s Loveworld or any such organisation in any capacity. I am reiterating this to ensure that no one is misled by the false rumors or unfounded statements that show up and are spread from time to time on the Internet. Any additional statement concerning me will be issued by my Solicitors, who are my legal representatives so please do not be deceived.

Thank you, and God bless.

Pastor Anita Schafer formerly Oyakhilome