I Don't Like Cheese


My niece had always maintained that she did not like cheese. One day while at school she informed the dinner ladies about her dislike for cheese and would not want it added to her meals. Unfortunately, none of the dinner ladies gave her any attention; they just ignored her request but continued adding cheese to her food. 

This situation continued for a long while; it became apparent to her that all her effort with telling the dinner ladies she does not want cheese was falling on deaf ears. The young girl was beginning to feel frustrated that her preference was ignored. She had to pull out all the cheese from her food and place them on one side of her plate before eating. The sight not only irritated her but she was disappointed by the amount of cheese she had to take off from her meal. Feeling sad that she was ignored and disheartened by the reduction of her portion after taking out the unwanted bits of cheese, she decided to devise a plan to get her request granted. 

One day when my niece was served, she collected her plate, as usual, took it to her table and went back to speak with the dinner lady. Looking straight at the dinner lady, my niece said: “Excuse me miss I am allergic to cheese.“ At that stage, the dinner lady started panicking, “Oh no are you alright?” she asked. The dinner lady rushed out immediately to notify the authorities, the head teacher, the health care officer and teachers. There were severe concern and anarchy everywhere

. The school made every effort to contact the young girl’s mom. When they finally succeeded in reaching her mom to confirm her daughter’s allergy. Her mother clarified that she did not have any allergies much to the relief of the school; however, her mother also informed the school about her dislike for cheese. 


After that incidence, the dinner ladies stopped giving my niece cheese. Her teacher called the young girl to ask why she claimed she was allergic to cheese. Her response was perceptible; she said, “ I needed to be heard.” She said she was tired of being ignored; eating was no longer pleasant, the only way of exercising her right to be heard was by claiming an allergy to cheese, that got the attention of the dinner ladies. 

Everybody deserves the right to be heard, however some might exaggerate; especially with issues that concern them and most time,s that voice is an appeal from the heart to people in authority. Have you had a similar experience? How have you made yourself heard?


It’s very difficult , no solution yet, any advice?
Yes Dear Pastor, everyone deserves to be heard! I love this blog. I'm happy it is up again. Keep it coming.
Just recently in my university-knust Ghana , Students incessantly complained about unfavorable conditions but no one heard them. They went on different media outlets to make their cry known to the authorities still no one seemed to hear them. Finally they embarked on a peaceful demonstration which went pear shaped at the end with demolition of university properties. There and then they were finally heard and the president of our country had to intervene. I side with this girl. Even though she didn’t go rioting she had to be heard and she did make her voice hear. It’s sad but that’s human nature
I know what you are talking about Pastor. It is usually a cry for help.
Angela Ireroa
I love so much ma, yes everybody deserve to be heard.
Thank you Pastor. I decided to start my own magazine for women who have been ignored and labelled. For too long I sat by and suffered in silence, while the hierarchy labelled me emotional etc.
God gave me this scripture in prayer. PROVERBS 31:8 and now I am a vioce for the voiceless and teaching them to raise their voices too. God bless you and strengthen you always.
I love you so much Pastor Anita, i just wish i would get to talk to you one day in person! Wishing you many and endless blessings!
Everyone deserves to be heard. This story has given me insight, the approach to communication determine the response one gets. Nigerian government must change the policy on grading system in its universities
Dennis Emmanuel
Do u mean u used allegations of infidelity against ur ex to make ur voice to be heard?
U know I was privileged to see ur wedding pix with Chris back in the day, it portrays he was not happy getting married to u.
It's good u left him anyway. I'm about to do same to my wife who I never loved, yet I find myself in marriage with her. I have never been happy living with her. I think a new life will be better.
Well, lying is a sin and sin is sin. ???? ????

But then, if she had to claim allergy it may affect the authorities reputation when all she wanted to say was I hate cheese.

Stand up, talk. Don't go about claiming what isn't, they may not trust you anymore after they find out you lied and may ignore you in dire times.
Well she lied and lying isn't OK, there could have been other ways to get heard
@Dennis Emmanuel, what a foolish comment you made.

You're a shame of a man to come here making stupid inferences about Pastor Anita.

It's pity your wife never realised she was getting married to a monster.
Juliana G
Absolutely every one deserves to be heard.
Juliana G
Absolutely every one deserves to be heard.
Sometimes one assumes a negative characteristic because he or she is not heard. I have witnessed these charectors both in the working environment and at church. We must learn to give attention to our kids, let us take time out to listen to them because if we do not, they will do or say things we will not be happy about. Thank you Pastor, that is a profound peice.
Femi Ajayi
Pastor this is such a great illustration. I think some people actually missed the core point, everyone deserves to be heard regardless. Thank you so much for sharing this timely wisdom with us.
Everyone deserves to be heard, that's true. Thank you pastor Anita