After a long meeting we gathered around a young lady during our coffee break to admire her gorgeous jewellery. It was a pleasure to see the warmth her beautiful gold plated beaded necklace brought to the table, the nicely cut out piece of design released a sense of perception to the magnificence of living and gave us a common ground for conversation.


The glitzy necklace stood out and caught the attention of the day, as you obviously could not speak to her without noticing her necklace. We appreciated her well thought out coordination of colors to compliment her lime green crotchet sweater. She received a number of compliments that day by daring to make a fashion statement. I realized how proudly her necklace stood out, changing the ambiance around her. It was simply proud to be a dazzling object embracing it’s delicate but elegant design.


Accessories can change a staple piece of clothing and you can create different looks for different occasions. 

It can give you loads of compliments

It can sparkle the day for you and others

It can help you make a statement

It will make you stand out


Just like that necklace was proud to be a necklace be proud to be you. Appreciate yourself rather than waste your life copying another person’s style. Emphasize your personal style, you are beautifully and wonderfully created, just be you.



Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.

Judy Garland


Why be a copy when you have been made original?
Thank you Pastor. I agree with you that it is good for people to be themselves instead of trying to be like the someone. I have noted over time that those who want to be like someone else are always restless. They cannot do anything except someone else does it. Always waiting to see what someone does before making up their minds. God created us individually and as such expect us to have a mind of our own instead of waiting to see whom to copy. Such people are unstable and not to be trusted. Thank you Pastor for raising awareness to this topic. God bless you beautiful lady. I Love you dearly
Yes indeed I am me now glory be to God. Before I was put on the pedal stool in a congregation because saw me as one with some money however it started affecting my family life ie financially because of huge demand from them and i was under pressure to perform but praise God i heard from God to move and since I left the congregation and joined another bible believing church where transparency is demonstrated I am 100% ME And the lines are falling unto me in pleasant places and I have joy unspeakable full of glory sowing my seeds big time because I am a seeder
Someone once said, ''The best we can be when we are trying to be someone else is number 2''. So i"ll rather be the very best of me. Thank you Pastor Anita for this article.
Frau Glauben
I once heard someone say that God made you an original so don't live as a copy. The most miserable life is living a lie- pretending or trying to be someone else instead of having value for who God made us to be. Some group of ladies once created a program called Be- You-tiful. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you Pastor for reminding us to embrace our uniqueness & not to be afraid of who we are, but rather to celebrate Gods unique work in our lives.
I am the original me & not a copy of someone else. I default to Christ alone. Be you Dearest Pastor Anita. God bless you.
Thank you Pastor Anita for showing me that i don't have to copy some one else, but only be myself, life is a gift from God Almighty and being me and living according to the purpose God has for me, is the most important thing..... Thank you
Thank you pastor for this article. Your simplicity is very humbling I look forward to your write up always may God perfect all your concerns love you dearly.
what a wonderful inspiration! the gliter neclase that beautify the body represent the word of God. no mater how negative a situation may be, the application of the word God will reprogramme it.
Thank you my pastor for this wonderful piece. Please I want your email address. I want to talk to you about something
Dorothy Seyi
Love you my beautiful pastor
Oloruntobiloba Sunday-Okeh
this is a truth that many people do not realize if they did it would solve the worlds indentity crisis
Oloruntobiloba Sunday-Okeh
this is a truth that many people do not realize if they did it would solve the worlds indentity crisis