I lost signal while speaking over the phone with an old friend who is based in Nigeria. However, when he called back to apologise, he said, while attempting to pay his toll fee, a strong wind blew his money away and that was the only physical note on him at that moment. 

Staring at his note flying with the wind would have been hard, more so when that was all the money he had on him. 


I couldn’t help laughing as my mind travelled to Nigeria instantly. I imagined him jumping out of his car in full desperation to pursue his note, unconcerned about the fierce wind or the line of cars that would have built up behind him. It appeared to be a race of determination, hopping, swinging and taking the last high jump to grab a hold of his happy note playing in the wind. 

I thought about him running back to his car with a sense of accomplishment, to hand the money to the tollgate attendant. I visualised the staring faces of pedestrians, traders and possibly beggars. I wondered what would have been the reaction of the other drivers and passengers behind him. 

I just can’t help sharing this hilarious experience to brighten your day. Oh what a laugh!



The Saint
Hahahaha. This is so funny but so wonderful. Thank you P.A for sharing
This is hilarious! Lol. I can imagine the desperation to catch the naira note, his only ticket to getting through that gate. Thank you Pastor Anita for sharing.
Hahahaha o so funny and to think that the operators manning the toll gate if any wouldn't be smiling if the man had no cash to present. Naija!
Hmmmm....comic relief...wonderful!
Frau Glauben
Wow. That was hilarious- the tale of the run-away naira note!!!! Pastor, I believe there may have been a little crowd running after the money. It reminds me of what happened with my daughter and I at a store. She was about 4 then. As we were coming out of the store, she wanted a quarter to buy bubble-gum from the candy machine outside the store. so I gave her the quarter and she put it through the slot machine and out rolled a big ball-shaped orange bubble gum. she was so happy and decided to take it home to share with her sibling. As we stepped out of the store, somehow the gum slipped out of her hand and as she stooped to catch it before it hit the ground, from nowhere a big white bird (like a cattle-egret travel bird) swooped at grabbed the ball gum in its beak. We stood there helplessly as it soared high up into the sky with its prize- my daughters gum!!! She cried & jumped with her two hands in the air but the bird was too far gone. Those who were outside the store all stared up into the sky in disbelief. It was going to be hard to explain to her sibling that ' we bought gum for you, but a bird snatched it & flew away' !!! so we went back in to get another one. We kept on talking about the incident till when an opportunity came for her to write a little story at school, we used the incident and drew the big white bird with orange bubble gum in its beak. Needless to say she got a pleasant score for the article. So in the case of the person in Nigeria, once again, money proved that it does have wings!
Very hilarious. Can't help laughing. Very NIgerian .
Lol!!!!! This has made my day!
Thank you pastor, very hilarious indeed. One thing I can't stop thinking about is when I travel in the plane from eny country which is to land in Nigeria. Immediately the plane lands, every one claps their hands, and am wondering, did they hold their breath all through the journey? What else did they expect? But I know, Only one thing could have happened, and that is landing at the airport! So we praise God! Thank you, God bless you richly
This is hilarious. I am just thinking if this was happening to me what would I have done in that circumstance. This story also goes to show that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
Haha! I see and appreciate the power of imagination on this. Your "mind travelled to Nigeria instantly". The beauty of imagery and visions, with your sense of humour, thats where you gain the laughter. :) Nigeria indeed is a funny country itself. #goodlaugh
It's your money, don't allow any circumstance take it away from you. Pastor, thanks for making us laugh. God bless you
It's your money, don't allow any circumstance take it away from you. Pastor, thanks for making us laugh. God bless you
Lol. Thank you for sharing Pastor. I also imagine the people watching him clapping and cheering when he finally managed to catch the money.
You really paint an hilarious picture...catching that on motion picture would make a buzz on the net.
Saint Ralph
I can imagine it too.. just like Jesus parrlabe concerning the lost lamb/ coin. There is delight in accomplishment.
Chioma Okpara
What a hilarious story, money indeed has wing, it can fly away, if wind blows it away, money can get out of control if not properly handed.
Ngozi Mitchell
Awesome.... thank you Pastor for sharing ????????????????????
Could that be similar to the lifetime chase of riches even among the household of faith. hahahaha
Nkeze Brenda
Lol, so so hilarious!
Hahahaha so funny thank you PA