There is thin line between smile and laughter. 

 Santosh Kalwar


Last week I had two technicians around to deal with a power cut situation. While they were at it, I asked if they could help me bring down a ladder. They responded that they would be happy to help and went the extra mile on the job. Checked all my electrical appliances, assembled an unfinished job, replaced some tiny bulbs and much more. I appreciated their gestures, which was completely out of their way.

When they were done, I decided to add a tip to their payment considering the amount of time spent in rendering some assistance. I gave one worker two packs of home made cookies for both of them. I was stunned by the look on his face brimming with joy as he thanked me for the packs.


He had a genuine broad splash of smile showing off his six front top teeth covered with golden fillings and two broken teeth. That display of toothy smile was contagious and I couldn't help reciprocating. As a matter of fact simply recollecting his expression makes me laugh. I hope my experience will make you smile. If nothing has made you laugh recently then make yourself laugh. Go on Share a funny experience.



Shola Peters
Thank you Pastor for the post. Smiling and laughter has a way to making things look better than they appear. Even the sharks looks a little "cuter" than it appeared.
I love the smiling whale with the bling up teeth, if the whale could be made to smile then what's d matter with us humans lol
You have made my day Pastor, this is worth giving a laugh. Thank you.
Thank you Pastor for this beautiful post. Life surely is sweeter when we laugh. I love this quote - " A day without laughter is a day wasted" Charlie Chaplin.
Smile, thank you pastor for taking your time to bless me. I love you dearly.
While we smile it will be good to make others smile. This is why we are here on this earth. In this midst of difficulties, war, divorce, mistrust, terrorism, poverty, killings, lies, greed, treachery e.t.c. it will be good to make people smile by ensuring we do the right thing always.
Smiling is contagious. Try smiling to someone as you pass by, you will get an immediate response. Pastor whenever I look at your photo on your blog site, the beautiful smile on your face cheers me up. Ride on Pastor you are beautiful. Keep smiling because your smile alone will soften even a stone heart and make some's day cheerful. God bless you
Reading this article and the picture of the whale with the bling up teeth actually made me smile. It really doesn't take much for us to smile or laugh and make others do the same. It is contagious and makes our world happier. Thank you. You are simply the best.
Wow beautiful, exercise your facial muscle, like this
Sis. Mimi
Thank you Pastor Anita for making me smile... In life we can go through seasons that are very challenging and not much smiles coming our way, I love to let myself smile, I find it helps me cope with the sadness of seeing my beloved so ill and doctors not giving much hope of a better state of health... God is so good and seems to bring a smile to me and yes laughter too! People can be so funny without even knowing.... And .that toothy smile story has me still laughing..!!.
Wow pastor you have made my day Thank you