Dolly Parton is a legend in country music I have grown to love. She is one of the most honoured female Country music performer and composer of all time. Born to Christian parents, she was the fourth in a family of twelve children. Her grandfather was a pastor and her background had an influence on a number of her songs. She was brought up in the church and that was where she grew up developing her earliest performances. Dolly also composed and sang “I will always love you" Whitney Houston's cover hit in 1992.


Dolly clearly expresses her great respect and faith for God to her audience and this is something I admire about her. I love her song "Jesus Gravity" which she performed live here in London at the 02 Arena in 2009. It was glorious to hear her sing and talk about the undeniable power of God's sovereignty, clearly calling out that God's strength is supernatural. I am also blown away by her amazing classic "He's alive" celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Dolly Parton also openly talks about her poor family background. One of her most memorable childhood story was written in "Coat of Many Colours" which was an expose of her life. It was about a coat her mother had made for her out of scraps. The bible story her mother told her about Joseph's coat of many colours made Dolly proud of her coat. At school the kids made fun of her coat because it was made out of rags, it was a painful memory and her way of releasing the hurt of their distressing remarks, was to sing.


What inspires me about Dolly, is while she writes part of her life in her songs, she also brings a message of hope to her audience as a woman who used her talent to grow from poverty to abundance. Like other people, I identify with a number of her songs like Jolene, 9 to 5, Just Because I'm a Woman, Stairway to Heaven and lots more. I would like to share with you the lyrics of one her songs I love titled; "Hello God" I hope it will bless you as it blessed me. Enjoy “Hello God"



Hello God, are you out there?
Can you hear me, are you listenin' any more?
Hello God, if we're still on speakin' terms
Can you help me like before?
I have questioned your existence,
My resistance leaves me cold
Can you help me go the distance?
Hello God, hello, hello

This old world has gone to pieces
Can we fix it, is there time?
Hate and violence just increases
We're so selfish, cruel and blind
We fight and kill each other
In your name, defending you
Do you love some more than others?
We're so lost and confused

Hello God, are you out there?
Can you hear us, are you listenin' any more?
Hello God, if we're still on speakin' terms
Can you help us like before?
Oh, the free will you have given
We have made a mockery of
This is no way to be livin',
We're in great need of your love
Hello God

Hello God, can you grant us
Love enough to make amends
(Hello God) Is there still a chance
That we could start again
Hello God, we've learned our lesson
Dear God, don't let us go
More than ever
Hello God, hello, hello
Hello God, we really need you
We can't make it without you
(Hello God) We beseech you
In the name of all, that's true
Hello God, please forgive us
For we know not what we do

Hello God, give us one more chance to prove ourselves to you
Hello, God; hello, God



We need spiritual guidance in our journey knowing God is always there and have special ways of answering our questions. God bless


Theodora Ediale
I like blogs that are personalised and ypurs is one of them. You can relate with the stroies, articles etc written and even the quearions asked have crossed your mind at one point or the other as you walk on with the Lors. Thank you Pastor Anita for sharing this with us. I will keep praying that the Lord will continue strengthen as you courageously fulfill what He's called you to do and may the Lord continue to send to you destiny helpers whether human or otherwise.
Pastor Anita, be encouraged and comforted by God who knows all things. Please read and ponder on Romans 5:1-5. This message keeps me trusting God in all the hard times of life. I know you know this passage but please grab the comfort in there afresh. God bless you more.
God bless your heart Pastor Anita! God is out there! He hears you! He loves you more than ever before, He fills our heart with his love, so much of his love that we are able to make amends and forgive others who has wronged and hurt us even if they don't deserve it! It's his unconditional love that he fills our heart with and we show others the unconditional love of God! He'd fix our lives and every thing that has been broken in us! He is our abba daddy! Our good good father, and we are loved by him! He has taken away the hate, violence and selfishness in our heart and replaced it with love, tolerance and a heart for others! He has flood our heart with light so we see clearly and brightly! I like the last part part Hello God, give us more chance to prove ourselves to you! And you know what dear Pastor, He is pleased with us! We don't need to prove ourselves anymore! He'd qualified us to be partakers of his divine nature!! Oh, Ma, i just got speaking in tongues reading this over and over again! God bless you richly you are his most beautiful daughter!!
I love this song. It is a reflection of a heart that cries out to God. I was recently reading a book called the longest week. This was an indept expose on the last week Jesus lived before he was crucified. It brought tears to my eyes. He was rejected by his own people. They abused him, stoned him flogged him and crucified him. Jesus died a painful death all because of me. It was ment to be another execution of the Roman empire but God had another plan. More than 2000 years later, Jesus is still doing wonders. He is is not dead. HE IS ALIVE AND THAT IS WHY I CAN WAKE UP EVERY MORNING AND SAY...HELLO GOD and good morning Holy Spirit.
Thank you Pastor for sharing your thoughts with us.
Ephesians In Christ
Bible Study. The Book of Revelation Chapter 1 1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: 2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw. 3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. Revelation 1 King James Version (KJV) READ ON....
I like when you share your personality and how you relate with God with us. I will just kindly request that you write more often as I always check for new thins on the blog.
Dear Pastor Anita, it's so beautiful to see how you relay the life of a renowned singer, her love and respect for God and her heart's cry to God in her songs. Music is such a powerful tool to convey a message, so lovely and sincere. Simply inspiring! God continue to bless, keep and us you for His glory.
This is so touching....a cry from the heart to God....no pretences, no forming...I just love this...I remember my Dad often played Dolly Parton's songs and I particularly liked Jolene and Coat of many colours. Dear Pastor Anita may the good Lord continue to keep you strong, hale and hearty by His Grace! Shalom! Shalom!
Sam di
It is amazing how you could capture Dolly's life with just a few words. In summary she was a "believer", fame didn't change that. I sincerely believe that a sound Christian upbringing could determine the role a child plays in the world. P.S: it's great to come across your blog
I love this piece. Simple and interesting. I also love Dolly Parton too. She is one of my favourite country music singers.
"BENNY HINN'S TESTIMONY A MUST TO READ BY EVERY CHRISTIAN & SERVANT OF GOD IN THE MINISTRY" "THE GOD OF SECOND CHANCE" Benny hinn on his tour to South Africa in April 2016. please pay attention to his detailed testimony. he says in 2015 he had a heart attack and was taken to heart sugery and while in the hospital, he had a dream and in that dream he found himself in a long queue at the gate of heaven and everyone was dressed in white garment. At the gate was Jesus dressed in a shiny sparkling white garment different from everyone and beside him Pastor Benny Hinn saw a woman that was playing a piano. Jesus would nod his head in signal as to ehether a person was accepted or denied to enter. If it was yes, the pianist would play glorious melodies and the glory was overwhelming and the gates would automatically open but if it was a denial the pianist would play horrible melodies and demons would come to take the person away to hell. He says, out of the whole queue only 20 percent entered but 80 percent were denied.They were all Christians and full of pastors but only 20 percent entered. He says everyone was trembling as they were waiting on the que. He says eventually Pastor Benny Hinn's turn came and the pianist knew Pastor Benny and smiled at him in admiration of his record amongst the people on earth but when Jesus looked at Benny Hinn, his look could tell that he was not impressed with Pastor Benny Hinn, and Pastor Hinn says his trembling and fear had increased knowing that he would not be able to make it through that gate and when Jesus was about to make his decision, then he woke up and God said to him "Don't blow up this time, this is your second chance" Pastor Benny Hinn then explained something that every long serving Christian need to take note of. He said all through his ministry he had two ministry duties, one was to serve the people with his gift that God has given him ie preaching and performing miracles and the other ministry was his personal walk with God ie his fellowship with God on everyday basis. He says but from 2010 as he passed through a divorce his relationship with God became dead and God was far away. he says through the divorce he lost about 7 million dollars and his house and his relationship with God was gone totally. The amazing thing is that he says when he knew that he is no longer with God thus when he saw many miracles in his ministry. He says that, because he is a great pretender so he pretended before the people as if he is with God and yet he was not. (remember the gift of God are without repentance that is to say wether you are with God or not the gift will still work, but to enter the gate of heaven it will be your relationship with God ie your right standing with God through Jesus Christ) "As to pretence, it is not only Pastor Benny Hinn but any long serving Christian becomes used to the things of God and eventually pretence becomes his everyday walk before the people and one minds more of the degree and opinion that the crowds hold on him than what God says" Pastor Benny Hinn now condems the selling of anointing oils and holy waters and anything of God that today pastors sell in churches to make money. He says since God has given him a second chance his focus is no longer onthe crowds and their opinion but on his personal relationship with God so that he may enter that gate. The question is if Pastor Benny Hinn was trembling and sweating at the gate in fear that he would not make it, what about you when you will face the gate. If we think because of our long serving in church, or preaching, or works or miracle perfomance, I think he has out done most of us and yet God's acceptance st the gate is not based on these. "Phil 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obayed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." God has not given Pastor Benny Hinn alone this second chance but the whole body of Christ world wide to walk home into his arms through his grace and mercy before the door closes which is very shortly. God has used Pastor Benny Hinn in this case because of his influence and the public opinion that people have on him and of how much an individual would then realise of his short fall before that gate. Its time to seek repentance before God, its time to drop down titles given by men in search for God's mercy that enables one to enter through that gate. Send this message to your beloved. Its time for evangelizing and awakening of our souls.
Dear Pastor Anita, the name "god" is a translation for the false Babylonian deity fortune and this is mentioned in the James Strong concordance dictionary in 1408/1409 which mentions "gad" as fortune distributor in its definitions. It's commonly transliterated today as "god" although both are pronunced in pretty much the same way. In Greek this translates to what is now known in the modern as a demon (evil spirit). The "lord" is a direct translation of the Hebrew Ha-Baal and Baal is who EliyYahuw ("elijah") warns us about in 1 kings. That definition of the "lord" is in the oxford dictionary by the way. "jesus" is definitely not the name of our saviour. That name actually means gaze at zeus in Hebrew. It is derived from Strongs #02372 which means to gaze at. Transliterated into Hebrew this name is Chezus (Xezvs) and it means that what we look at we spiritually become. Our sovereign gave us a testimony (the only testimony) which was then distorted. That testimony is that Yahuwshua is Yahweh. Yahweh means He who causes to be/He who is self-existent and Yahuwshua means Yahweh is wealth/liberation/. The truth will set you free. Examine this carefully. if you want more info go contact my source at [email protected] and my email [email protected]
Ephesians In Christ
Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.
I love Dolly Parton too My favourite songs are coat of many colours and Jolene. Thank you for the lyrics of Hello God. Its truly inspirational.
Tare McRuach
Dear Pastor Anita, thank you for this blog. You brought back beautiful memories of my mum and childhood. My mum loved Dolly Parton. And I love Dolly Parton because of my mum. So grateful you shared this. It is such a lift for me. Thanks ever so much. I love you always
How apt, how insightful, Thanks Pastor A
Dear Pastor Anita, Thanks for your words of encouragement to many through your blogging. In my post-conflict homeland in West Africa, millions of girls and women are being pushed to the margins of life; and desperately need Christ and His transforming love. Pray with us for God's provision to give the neediest of these precious sisters the education, training and preparation they need to survive, strive, succeed and thrive for God's Greater Glory. Blessings!
Dear Pastor Anita, Thanks for your words of encouragement to many through your blogging. In my post-conflict homeland in West Africa, millions of girls and women are being pushed to the margins of life; and desperately need Christ and His transforming love. Pray with us for God's provision to give the neediest of these precious sisters the education, training and preparation they need to survive, strive, succeed and thrive for God's Greater Glory. Blessings!
Of a truth God has a special way of answering our questions, if we listen and tune out the world and it's many distractions.
Pastor thanks for sharing this...and for all the other posts you shared...I hadn't really listened to the lyrics of that song...so so profound, from the heart. Just loving you
Samuel Mamu
Hello God, give us one more chance and prove yourself to us!
God bless and comfort you pastor Anita. I love you.
Very cool! Very inspirational
I'm glad you are back, Pastor Anita. I kept checking...God bless you for being so courageous. I cannot begin to imagine all that you have been through. People will judge you BUT they didn't wear the shoe and will never understand. It's a dark, dark world of manipulation and deceit. Only the courageous can walk out...God has your back. Oh, yes! He is with you, ALWAYS! Please write more. Some of us are encouraged by your posts.