The Journal

I am happy to announce that my  journal is now available  on Amazon. Journaling can help you clear your mind, explore your thoughts, release feelings of everyday stress. The Prayer and Healing journal is a great companion that acts as  a tool for your spiritual, emotional and personal growth

Framework includes:

SCRIPTURES - Bible scriptures on healing, self-value, dealing with depression and peace of mind, for meditation.

REFLECTION - The reflection page provides you with space to record your event or activity, along with space to write down your thoughts, including your study scriptures or an inspiring quote. 

NOTE - Additional note for journaling your thoughts.

PRAYER - A prayer list to record your prayer request and prayer tracker to track your answered prayers. 

GRATITUDE - A space to write down things you are thankful for. To keep you focused on your blessings and the good things happening in your life. This yields many benefits for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 


Keeping a journal can help you explore your emotions and aid you in reaching your goals. Prayer gives you hope to believe for a change, and where there is hope there is life, it provides you with the ability to create by faith. Expect to see results when you pray; this makes what you believe for to manifest — giving you a joyful perspective to planning your day.

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this journal is beautiful! the way it looks, the content - it's just perfect! I am happy I have my copy!
What a beautiful piece. Totally love it. Keep it up ma. Love always...
Woow! This is inspiring!
Waoh, i got mine! Delivery was so prompt, This Journal came in handy and at the right time! Living in a very busy world, we tend to forget things when not written down, we Pray, have expectations and the likes, but when we write the vision and make it plan, we will be able to pencil down every of our Answered Prayers and " This Journal" is that single Material that has been brought to you by our Precious Pastor Anita to help us do that. You can have it in your bag, Bathroom, Kitchen, Car, anywhere, to write down those Ideas, Thoughts, Desires,etc. When you use this Journal, it will be a reminder and a pointer to go back to when those things written down are Fulfilled/ come to pass.
Thank you So much to God,s Best ( Pastor Anita) for making this Journal available. This Journal with your words, Prayers written down can become your Memorial of Gods Faithfulness when you use it rightly. i have started using mine, if you have Children, friends and Family, you can introduce this Journal to them, it will help decongest their mind by writting down things as they come as well as having Faith and Hope in God that what they have written down will surely come to pass. This Journal reminds me of those secondary school days, when i had every thing written down, if someone talked to me i will write it down, all my daily activities were written down then, how i wish i have those dairy now, it would have been a treasure! but never mind, we can start with this Journal and i am looking forward to making refference to it in the next 10- 20 Years. ( in my own Words, this Journal is a Treasure that i plan to keep for myself, my Children and my Children,s Children). How i wish i was able to lay hold to my Parents Journal or Dairy, it would have been a Memorial and Treasure to know what there thoughts,ideas and Prayers was.
What you write down in this Journal may not make sense now, but when you look back in time to come, you will be amazed at the Power of Answered Prayers and Memories created in this Journal.
Thank you Pastor Anita for always Looking out for the good of others. I Love you.
Gloria Tsaro-Dii
It was an awesome moments with you at every stage .
You were so real and took every sessions on an individualistic basis .
The journal is so so beautiful,easy to follow and something that will encourage one to always put down your thoughts as it flows through your mind.
I will recommend it to anyone who will not want to leave any positive passing thought behind .
These are thoughts that you will cherish for life and thoughts that will take you from one level to another greater height .
Go for it ,it’s amazing.
God bless you Pastor Anita .
Andra E.
Pastor Anita's Prayer and Healing journal is a great journaling resource. I recently received my copy from Amazon and I recommend it to all that will like to start writing down their prayer points, helpful Scriptures, personal insights, thanksgiving notes and goals. This journal can also be given to friends and loved ones as gifts.
Awesome! Well-done dear. Keep winning big g!
Bunmi Kuye
How can I order for one pls
I'm just glad you still believe in Jesus after all you went through.