Finding Your Purpose



"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for." 

― Tom Bodett 


One of the most exciting aspects of life is when you make other people's lives better as a result of your contribution to the world. It could be through your service, invention, project, product, legislation, or through empowering people. Prominent leaders have made history by how they affect the world positively or negatively. They could be remembered for how a nation changed as a result of their contribution. Life is most fulfilling when you can impact others positively, able to contribute and to alleviate suffering. When you can share a part of yourself with others to make our world a better place for human existence. This can bring a sense of satisfaction to you. In working with people, I find that they are most fulfilled when they can understand themselves, identify their passion, accept it, and take action. This comes easy for those who are born with a talent or developed a skill over a while, like drawing, singing or are into sports. 

Some people attend seminars organised by successful speakers who share their experience of how they are pursuing their passion and how they are living their dreams. They talk about their accomplishments in changing lives around the world. They might narrate a, "from grass to grace" story and how they are impacting others through their business or charity. This might be followed by some testimonies from previous attendees, thus encouraging you during the event to consider your next line of action. While at the seminar you might have taken notes, bought many books and products. You might return home to read the books and listen to their audio materials, or not have had the time to do any yet feeling lost in desperation to find your purpose. You might be contemplating registering for another seminar in the coming week, as the journey for your search continues. 


Your life purpose does not have to be humongous, the grand ambition of reaching millions of people with your talent or dream. It is excellent if you can, but if your vision is making you feel miserable rather than driven, think again. In finding what you want to do and how you want to accomplish your aspirations, all the answers are inside you. Your physical, mental, and emotional state are essential to maintain resilience and staying energized. You can learn a new skill and have inspiring people around you who can encourage your efforts. 


You might need to invest in a professional to support you through your journey to motivate you and help you from getting stuck. It all depends on where you want to go and what you are prepared to put into reaching your goal. Living one's life's purpose seems to be a real big issue for some people to the point that it makes them frustrated when they cannot seem to find it. In finding your purpose, begin with what you love doing, where would you like to take it to and start taking action.


Pastor Chima
My Pastor

As usual, thought provoking words of inspiration from a pastor, writer and a wonderful mum.
Thanks or letting your light shine once again. God bless and keep you
Beautiful piece!
Reading your blog is pure pleasure for me, it
deserves to go viral, you need some initial traffic only.
I was able to find good information from your articles. Thank you
Emeka Great
Thanks for your encouraging posts.
I am blowing kisses ???? to you for this ma'am..
Excellence Aigbojie Agbongiague
This is a beautiful , inspiring and soul soothing piece. I could relate strongly with it as I've been in the seaarch of finding my purpose for twenty years now ... I have attended series of seminars, bought various products, subscribed fto various coaching platforms and listened to many ministrations to no avail. The seemingly difficulty in arriving at a clear cut answer has caused me untold depressions. Your article is really soul soothing. Many thanks won't do to say. Keep up your great works ma'am. I covet your prayers believing that I am closer to finding my purpose than I've ever been. Gracias!
Sunday Emmanuel
I think I'm having a little more issue even after reading this, I found my purpose just like Jonah in the Bible, not really what I liked as you said but I think I have to go on with doing it. It might give me a sense of fulfilment at the end afterall the world is rapping up??
Thank you pastor for your word it encouraging thank you
Thank you pastor for your word it encouraging thank you
Mmmmmm, insightful, thought provoking, thanks Pastor Anita!
Awesome pastor you are wonderful.
Gabriel Otaru
Encouraging words, mum. Couldn't have been better said.
Blessing Samuel
Amazing. Thank you Pastor Anita.