Embrace Poetry

Poetry is a form of self-expression that is processed through words. Poetry connects us with others through transmitting thoughts with the use of strong imagination. It sensitizes us with the feelings and emotions of another human, and this experience guides us to appreciate our world and its most complex living organism - humanity.


Poetry is a powerful combination of words that is hugely beneficial to our mental health. It can relief stress and provide comfort, stir our imagination and boost moods in times of trauma. It makes us reflect on our thoughts and feelings, helping us unpack our experiences in diverse forms and gives us a voice of expression to make sense of our world.   


I have written Thrive with the hope of transforming your life with poetry, to help empower you in different areas of your life, and to inspire positive change in your mind-set, relationships, feelings and aspirations.

Our expectations should come from within. Our happiness, sense of self, our ability, everything you choose to be and do comes from you.

When things go wrong in our life, the antidote for change is within us - we have the power to effect change and take control of our life.

Through poetry, Thrive addresses areas of anxiety, love, work, emotions, family and much more to help you express your thoughts through positive change. I hope this book will help you uncover areas of growth and fresh energy to manage your mind, gain strength and be unstoppable in every aspect of your life. 



Thank you for your Poetry book, I recently bought a copy. Your poems are from the heart and I can connect with them.
Good work. I can relate with your poems