A simple prayer

Like a clear wire,

Connects you to your source of supply

Where your extraordinary resource is divine.

In prayer you light a candle of hope,

Even at a time when darkness is all to behold;

Then a kindle of strength will eventually emerge,

Taking you from living on the edge.

It can be a light whisper or a quiet cry at any hour,

Where there is no pressure or appeal for answers;

It could be a short statement not in repeating of words,

But a gentle conversation with our ever-present God.

This divine dialogue provides incredible power

And the change will make you feel lighter,

Like the opening of a blooming flower

When you say a simple prayer.

Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer


Beautifully written, thank you so much for your words of inspiration. Congratulations on your name and thank God your blog is back. The words of inspiration are a comfort and blessing to so many. Know that you are very much loved and appreciated. No weapon formed against you will ever be able to prosper. God bless
Frau Glauben
Congratulations Pastor Anita for your new name. We wish you all the best as you begin a new chapter in your life as you have moved on to the glory of God. Old things are passed away, behold all things have become new. It was such a beautiful ceremony. We are so excited for you and your family. We Rejoice with you, Pastor Anita Schafer. God bless you
Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer..hmmm Amen to that if it is what am thinking. Keep it coming...!
Good Morning Dear Pastor Anita, thanks for teaching how to pray, the conversation between me and my Heavenly Father. Thanks a million and God bless you.
Frau Glauben
Beautiful poetry!
Grace O
This part; " But a gentle conversation with our ever-present God." got me exclaiming HALLELUYAH!! Our God is indeed ever present, and each day I fell HIM more and more presently present. Oh how blessed we are to have such a Father, not even earthly, but The Heavenly Father. GLORY!!! God bless you Pastor Anita. "Also curious of the new name addition"
Awesome! A quiet conversation with our ever present God. Thank you pastor. I noticed an addition to your name Pastor. Just wondering, I saw that for the first time.
Thank God prayer works. This is really an inspiring people.
Congratulations,.Thank you also for the beautiful poem.Rejoicing!!!!!!
Lovely poem. God bless you!
Wonderful and soothing
God bless you
Shola Peters
I don't know what I was expecting when i started reading your blog....somehow I thought I was going to be getting some pointers to fight my own personal war.....then as I started reading, the words became a calm and peaceful stream....that made me a little softer and calmer moments before i started....I had a smile in affirmation of what you wrote. I love it. Good one.
Modupe Ativie
Prayer, proof of my thriving, loving, relationship with a living and loving God and Father. It definitely makes me feel lighter, He is the one I can unload on, who would never complain about the weight of the things that burden me. With Him I can say it just as it is without any fear of condemnation or shame. My prayer times are special times. Thanks for this forum, I love you very much
Daniel Odafe
The poem is indeed deep, and one has to think deeply to get the meaning of it. Hello Frau, your congratulatory message is also deep. Please, what beautiful ceremony are you referring to as stated in your last comment?
Thanks for your new book, can I have a copy of the ebook on my email inbox?
With prayers, we can move mountains. There's no life, truth intelligence nor substance in matter, all is infinite mind and it infinite manifestation, for God is all in all, spirit is immortal truth and matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal and matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God and man is his image and likeness. Therefore, man is not material. He's spiritual. obxserver.com
Brother Felix Itsuokor
Has Pastor Anita remarried?
Awesome word God bless u Pastor Anita
Thanks for your motivational articles
Amen, sometimes a prayer can also be the tears that fall down when you cry. In those tears are words that only the Holy Spirit can understand!!!! Thank you for bringing back the blog. I love ur messages, they are so realistic and practical that they talk about the issues that we all go through and battle with at times. We love & appreciate you woman of God. It's just so inspiring to see you arise again!!! Keep doing the good work & God bless you.
Hallelujah!!! Pastor, the blog is back again. I thought that the pick pockets have stolen it. Thanks be to God who fights our battles. Yes our extraordinary resource is divine and fighting our battles. He gives power to the faint and to them that have no might he increases strength. BRAVO BEAUTIFUL LADY. GOD will protect you from evil and unreasonable people. The joy of the Lord is your strength. I love you dearly
Wow! Missed this blog sooomuch! Welcome back blog! The devil is a liar!!!
This is to say a BIG THANK YOU to my Father Lord and the Holy Spirit for granting m peace and speedy recovery during and after my surgery. It has indeed been an amazing experience of His love, supply and grace. For any woman planning a surgery, Fear NOT!!! Your faith is working. God has given doctors ability to treat or heal. Just Believe in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.
This sounds eastern but you have the unction from the Holy one.
nkechi juwah
Beautiful Pastor Anita. I. So believe in simple prayers. God. Bless you
This is up lifting to my spirit man