"A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success.”

Steve Maraboli


Last Sunday brought with it some perils of winter after a cold, wet Saturday. It was a frosty, foggy morning and the signs were clear, it is time to prepare for winter. 

Also the usual routines of the season – wearing layers of clothes, wrapping up tight, keeping warm, setting the thermostat to the right temperature and of course, having lots of warm drinks. 

I tried to rush out of the house this morning when I remembered the ice scraper. My awareness of scraping off the ice from my windscreen gave me a good feeling and got me thinking. You will need to take off the ice that has settled on the car over time, before you are able to drive with a clear screen. Once you have a clear screen, you will be able to see where you are going and will avoid bringing harm to yourself and others. I realized the way I physically took the time to get ice off my windscreen to ensure I see the road and any potential hazards clearly; I have to do the same in other aspects of my life.  

Anything obstructing your vision when driving is unsafe putting you and others at risk. You need clear vision whether you are on the driver or passenger seat. We should have clarity and insight in our daily happenings and not operate blindly. Clarity is the power that drives your vision and direct your goals, helping you decide how or where you want to go, and when to shift gear. 

The ice scraper is a very useful tool during winter, do you have any useful tool that has awakened a meaningful impression.



Very True...clarity is vital to key to making progress in life!
May God bless you for taking the mantle on this journey to reach out to people facing emotional and physical oppression cause either by people or self esteem. Am encouraged in my journey in life by your words of wisdom and knowledge of the word of God
Most of the time, we grope in darkness, going round and round in our journey of life, holding on to things, and not letting go, Any thing obstructing our vision from making spiritual advancement is self damnation. Pastor, i totally agree with you, clarity is very important in our walk with God, it is indeed the power that drives our vision and direct our goal in our life's journey. We need to shade off on continuous basis things that slows us down from being who God has called us to be.
Clarity for a me only comes through quality relationship with the Holy Ghost. That's why when I get up in the morning before I go out or do anything, I spend quality time praying in the Holy Ghost and following his voice by studying the Word. As I do, my path is made clear cos I have fellowshipped with the one that sees my future and holds my tomorrow. I am a spirit being and function from that realm. What I do to give me clearity in life, to help my vision is more spiritual than physical.
Awesome piece,thank you.