Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.

Max Frisch



Time is too precious to waste.

Apply it wisely you wouldn’t be in haste.

It holds the secret of success.

For those who use it wisely to progress.


Time is a gift we are born to appreciate.

All gender or race holds an equity that cannot depreciate.

To use the hours at sunrise and set is a joy to treasure.

When you reap the rewards realised in good measure.


The seasons flow along with time.

Sunshine or rain manage it right

It will click on waiting for no one.

Even at night the clock moves on.


For every success story you may hear,

The power of time was managed with care.

From birth to death we account for minutes time commands

We must respect the gift of seconds and hours where it demands.


What time is it?

The clock is ticking.

Tick tick tick

Tick tick tick.


 - Anita schafer


Thank you Dearest Pastor for your messages which are Life Transforming. I pray that as you Encourage and Uplift others,May Encouragement and Upliftment from the Holy Spirit rest upon you like the dew of Heaven. God with you is Majority.May God continue to uphold you and keep you in Perfect Peace. One thing is Sure,He will never leave nor forsake you but only be Strong and Very Courageous. Thank you for reminding us to use our time wisely as it waits for no man. Sometimes I do wish it was possible to hold back the hands of the clock, the way time Fliers is unimaginable. But as we spend our time doing exactly what God wants us to do God's way, is the most fulfilling thing here on Earth. God bless you for being Selfless and ever giving. I love you.
Theodora Ediale
Time indeed is a gift and am making mine count by making most use of it. Thank you Pastor Anita for this reminder to utilise time effectively
Lekan olawoye
Such a beautiful poem and so true.
Jubilee boy
Indeed, time is a measure today but value or loss tomorrow depending on how we spent it.
Pastor, you are absolutely right. Time does not wait for any man. What ever anyone goes through, he/she is going through it, that is moving on. With time, that seemingly unbearable circumstance will be thing of the past because time has taken care of it. Go on Pastor keep moving, time will take care of this and it shall come to pass. God bless you beautiful Pastor. You are richly endowed. I love you
Yes i agree.
Pst Obioma
Pastor I missed you so much. Every time I attend ministry program, I look forward to seeing you. Tears always fill my eyes. But in all these things, I give glory to God that you are strong. It was a friend that gave me this blog and I am glad i visited it. I love you Pastor, you are my role model.
Great peom
Wonderful peom from a beautiful woman!
Frau Glauben
Pastor this is a very nice poem you shared ! I like that line " For every For every success story you may hear, The power of time was managed with care." We thank God for time. Your poem reminds us that every single one of us have been blessed with a precious gift-Time & we should use it wisely.
I took time out today to read through various articles on the blog and I find the articles very enriching in a profound way. I spent a few minutes trying to choose which one to read before the other and I would think I’ve read the best until I read the next one. This poem is one of my many favourites. If one doesn’t understand the value of time, they need not worry; time itself has a good way of showing how important it is. One would only need to look back in time to realise. What a truly inspiring poem. Thank you for sharing, Pastor.
What a lovely piece! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration.
We must all run with time while it is day, for the night commeth when no man can run......
Wow...! Maam.... your message is very apt. And to be delivered so clearly through POETRY like this.......BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you Pastor Anita. Keep on using this lovely gift to bless your world. I got the message and will manage my time with more efficiency.
Thank you so much pastor,realy time is precious and wait for no one.so we got to use it wisely.no matter the chanlleges u are passing through time wait for no one.and i also pray for u that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guild ur heart and the Almighty God will strengthen you as u overcome all this troubles of life.But lets continue to lift up pastor chris into the hands of God that Almighty God will destroy every stronghold the enemy is using against him and his ministry.i will love to see both of you back again.I love u pastor Anita and God too.
Time does not wait for anyone, so why waste time....