I was at Halfords with my brother to get a car part when we noticed some brands of bicycles on display like the cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, Hybrid bikes, just to name a few. Looking at each bicycle I wondered what it felt like to ride the power plus electric bike. I remember the first time I tried to ride a bicycle as a child. It was a classic bike with large wheels. My brother insisted it was easy, he held the bike on one side to give me as much support. I listened to his instructions and attempted cycling but just couldn't get my balance right.

I placed my feet on the pedals, tried to get a stable balance of the wheels, which appeared to be an impossible task. I fell and injured my knees, gave up, attempted again and of course fell down again, then I got tired of trying after numerous attempts.

However, watching my brother cycle with ease and his constant promptings to try again, gave me the courage to attempt this seemingly unachievable task. I tried again and fell several times and appeared to gain balance but lost it, and just when I thought if I fail this time I would give up, I gained a bit of balance then I eventually gained full balance and rode away with excitement. 

I got better at riding with time and what pleasure it gave me to be able to ride seating or standing. Failing is not the problem it is being content with failing and wallowing in it for a long time that is an issue. Using your disappointment as the drive to seek change is the first step. You do not want to remain in the same situation for a long time, beating or labeling yourself rather face your fears and try again and again despite the shame, rejections, or fear. Putting your effort into what you want will eventually pay directly or indirectly. Giving up is not the answer, with determination you can take the right actions today.




Thank you for these inspiring words. It is okay to be sad for a minute but always pick yourself up and go again. Never give up and never give in. We are winners.
Rosemary Akabusi
Very true!
Frau Glauben
It is important to get up even if we fall. The longer one wallows in self pity, the more difficult it is to rise up and the more dangerous the situation becomes. Refuse to recognize the shame, rejections or fear as obstacles to rising up. Joyce Meyer once said "do it afraid". Regardless of the embarrassment, God gives us courage to rise above rejection and the slandering of men. Then our rising up gives others the confidence and encouragement to do the same- and we realize that the obstacles were actually stepping stones for our promotion.( And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose Romans 8: 28.Furthermore, the scriptures say-Psalm 63:7-8 for you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy. My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 118:13-14 I was pushed hard, so that I was falling, but the LORD helped me. The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.
Thanks for this
Jubilee boy
Lovely article
Failing is not a problem. Failing to get up is a problem
My son had the same issue when learning how to ride a bike. For several months he attempted but failed. I realised that the bike was too small for him as he was taller than his age. This time I took him to Halfords to get a bike and made him check to be sure we get the right one. To my amazement in the car park of Halfords he rode the bike without falling. He has never fallen since then. The story from this is when things don't seem to work try another alternatives.
Doglas, she is not placing judgment she is encouraging and speaking from the scriptures according to what Pastor Anita thought before. Stop this attack you and spirit. Peace
Douglas I really love your reply here. My advise to promise is to go and talk to PC and then report back after what she thinks. It is obvious that she has placed her judgement.
Love your blog about failing. A lot of people fail in life because they have believed the wrong report or look at the wrong things in life. A lot of people even fail because they follow the wrong crowd or have a wrong person as their role model. I was just looking through your blogs and just came across a comment by a user called promise. Permit me to paste the comment here and quote below. I wonder why this user is coming to this sort of abrupt conclusion. While details of what happened may never be known, but does not mean that 100% Pastor Anita was wrong and Pastor Chris was right by Promises's judgement. Promise, you must be someone that just follows blindly....and that can only lead to FAILURE!!!!. You have to be fair in your argument! User called Promise wrote in your blog called "Do yourself a Favour By Loving yourself": You make me cry ma! Seriously you do! In one of your rhapsody article in March 2014 you shared that our faith will always win! Our faith will win you said! I hung up to that word and seen my faith winning even the hottest, toughest, challenging times. Times when I was to give up and throw the towel! You inspire me with your message of Grace! Everyone must sacrifice something for something! Even Jesus did sacrifice! Kenneth hagins wife did leave as a single mother when kenneth went on field evangelism, spent several years there, but the wife never filed for a divorce or even divorced him! Wigglesworth's wife was locked outside by her husband but she never back out! My mum has gone through so much pain in her marriage, enough to throw her out, she'd even been beaten by my dad yet she is still there! Practicing her faith! What Is it that you can't endure? Why are you doing this to Pastor Chris? Your attitude towards him could make him never to forget you in his life, and to even get things right with you if he's ever doing it wrongly! Now you've left, will he ever be better? Will he become your dream husband? I thought you are here to transform life why not start with him? You have a depth understanding of love, show it to him! Show Pastor Chris your unconditional love. Show him that you're a virtuous woman! I read your salvation story on wikisozo blog what great inspiration, who's turning your heart away from what the Lord initially put in their? You're Pastor Chris wife, you look so much like him! The both of you have same spirit, don't do this Pastor Anita, even the Lord will not encourage you to go ahead and thread this part you're threading! Remember your message in armsterdam are you now going by what people thinks? You thought us not to! We should only go by what God think you were preaching from Colossians 1. Don't leave now! Men applause is not God's applause! Everything you were doing had eternal value so how come you say you're loosing your personality? You can"t lose your personality working for Jesus! Think again Pastor! Pastor Chris is not an Adulterer! He can never be one, he"s not been all his teens and young adult life is it now he's gonna begin it? Remember, the office of a wife is a ministry, and you'll be inquired of it in heaven! If every woman leaves because of abuse then there will be no home today, everyone who had divorce and begin their own separate lives! Yes! At some point there are issues in your marriage, and in all marriages divorce is never the remedy! If you fail in the days of your adversity, your faith is not strong! But yours is strong Pastor, so stay! Stay Pastor, Stay in the marriage, get back on rhapsody, get back in Christ Embassy, be the Pastor Anita you've always be! Stop this blackmail, your own identity is risked, infact I have decided to never listen to you again! Yes, I have even told the lord that! But is hard for me, please, the souls of this that'll backside because of your actions should appeal to you! Am begging you Pastor Anita, Am begging you Pastor *crying* don't do this to us pastor! Am begging you!
Victoria Peters
Happy Valentine day to you. Thanks for the blog, God bless you, is educating, I need to be determined and take the right action in whatever I want to achieve.
Glory! Thank you Pastor. You are an inspiration. I love you very much and will continue to pray for you. Have a great day
Beautiful and Inspiring piece....try and try again...never give up...winners never quit, quitters never win....we have been made more than conquerors in Christ Jesus, we are victors and not victims. Thank you Pastor Anita...you are mightily helped and graced of God for such a time as this. Shalom my dear Sister.
This is a wonderful write up. Thank you so much. I have learnt never to give up. There is always light at the end of the tunnel
Kristen Prosper
Very inspiring, Thank Pastor Anita for this! I remember finding myself in this position few years back, I stayed I'm that position for a long time, then realized that I was just stagnant and I have made no progress, wallowing in self pity, until made up my mind to get up and effect a change. I realise failing isn't the problem, but getting up was. Thank you
louis ovonlen
Indeed nothing is impossible to him who believes!
This is spot on!!!!
Riding a bicycle is always a scary experience at first but enjoyable end result..
So apt...the meaning within the words are deep and true, truly so.... I salute your courage and determination I salute your clean heart and clear conscience I salute your love for God and standing up for the truth You stood alone, unbelievably so, you took it all on, despite all Am sadden, yes and heart broken. But I can not argue with your experience and what you been through So how am also happy, yes because its your new phase, a new beginning without tears, longer, loneliness and heart ache. Like the bicycle experience, your learning is done ride....ride...ride, enjoy your life. Congratulations!!!
What a nice piece. Thank you. I truly admire your courage
“A quietly given gift soothes an irritable person; a heartfelt present cools a hot temper.” ??Proverbs? ?21:14? ?MSG?? I woke up this morning to an "unsuccessful" application I made recently to do a postgrad course. My first thoughts were that I was probably going to fail the other interviews I had coming up & thought I wouldn't bother trying to give them my best, for fear of being rejected. However your post really encouraged me to change my attitude & face my fears head on in my next interviews. Giving up is definetely not the answer! Thanks Pastor : )
Pastor your courage was inspired of God and that's why you on this platform at this time to uplift others feeling put-down by abuse and circumstances that is not their making to gain back their stand and be a blessing. Thank you pastor.
Koya Ahmiegbe
Thank you Great Woman of God. I have always loved you and will always do. More Grace
trying new things can be daunting until we actually try the news things, then we decide if we like it or not, but most times we tend to be satisfied with the new things we attempt. Thank you for inspiring me as you always do.. Stay happy positive and congratulations on your divorce.. We know this has been another new direction for you but you deserve the peace of mind rather than suffer in silence.
Failure is not in my dictionary. The Word of God in me makes sure of that
Wonderful analogy! We fall down, and we get up...for a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up (Don Mcclurkin). Thank you for your strength of character Pastor: for standing for what you believe in.. Thank you for your continual words of encouragement. The joy of the Lord is your strength.
Michael David
Great article but I love riding bicycle
Mary Phoro-Kanu
Thank you for the post. I'm encouraged by your uplifting messages in-spite of the critics! May the Lord strengthen you. I encourage you that Jesus suffered the same and the Bible says in 2 Tim 3:12 that all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution! More grace Lord to all of us so that we would keep running the race and not stay down! May God give you grace and may you come out as gold! I will stay in touch.
Wow! Word thank you for your wise word. People can only say what they see and everything that is hidden to men is laid openly before God.
Jubilee boy
Hey Doglas, thanks for your objective comments and for casting a spotlight on mischievous comments from individuals like Promise who have deemed themselves the defendant and the judge at the same time. People like Promise have turned themselves into ‘accusers of the brethren’ a designated position of Lucifer. The Pastor Chris and Anita debacle is so real just in case some people are still being lead to believe all is well! We are not here to judge anyone because what is hidden to man is very open to ‘God in whom nothing is hidden and no shadow of doubt’. Pastor Anita Ebhodaghe has set up a Christian blog to edify and encourage people of the world and had in no way condemned or even publish details of her marital situation. People like Promise (who is apparently a top insider but hiding their real person out of fear) have finished polluting their Kosmos – world and now set out to pollute people on this blog. You mentioned an article written by Pastor Anita which inspired you but you knew that neither Pastor Chris nor Pastor Anita actually write these articles; it is nothing but fraud to put their names or pictures on any of the ROR write-ups. At the beginning 2 or 3 blokes would transcribe messages and add additional their own choice of words and stories for flavour, it would then be approved by their bosses (excluding the authors of course). This to me is fraud as you led people to believe the authors wrote the books, I think we will all have to answer some questions when we face our maker. That said Promise, I eliminate your allegation that Pastor Anita does not practise what she preaches. Just to let you know that you know nothing about Kenneth and Gloria Copeland nor Smith Wigglesworth and his wife Mary Jane Featherstone other than the fiction you have read in books or online so these are fickle models. Also you mentioned you mother suffering from domestic violence or abuse; what a shame your mum had to put up with your abusive father. Thank God your dad did not eventually kill her as a CE pastor once did to his wife who was wrongly persuaded to persevere with her philandering pastor husband. In case you doubt it, the case was logged with the IGP of Nigeria in 2008 and can be investigated with the lady’s family. Do you want the same to happen to Pastor Anita? Just imagine Promise that Anita is your sister, daughter or mother (oops I forgot you are in support of your father abusing your mum and she put up with it). For benefit of doubt, Pastor Anita has seen a lot over the last 20 years and again I will not say much here because a lot of stories we hear are not entirely true but some people are privileged to witness some of it from a third party angle. She has tried and attempted to work-out the marriage work by making simple demands which will ensure she has her husband back to herself but it appeared your father had moved on. Pastor Anita is now being painted as the one instigating a divorce proceeding; the public is made to believe this but in reality she was rejected, ridiculed, used (Ebhodaghe’s connection). But there was no way she could even try to win his heart no matter how hard she tried he was resolute. In legal terms the marriage is irretrievably broken down due to the positive action of the unblameable, spotless and saintly one. The public is also made to believe that ‘I am still wearing my wedding band, if she wants a divorce then I can’t help it….’ again God sees the heart while men sees the outward appearance. I believe Pastor Anita has faith and if truly the God of man still wants the marriage nothing is impossible. He is the man and the head of the home who could learn from one of his protégés who took a massive step to save his marriage. Benny Hinn repented from his ways and his wife took him back. This could be very difficult when money and wrong counsel is involved though. I have seen top givers and leader told to leave their marriage because the man will not ‘encourage their commitment to the ministry’ but it is one law for the ruler and another for the ruled. It would therefore be unfair to say Pastor Anita will give account to God for deserting the marriage, did she not pretend for 20 years that all was well just to give the man a chance? How many times was she disrespected or dishonoured by the ladies in the Office of the President and she put up with this for as long as she could? God will not be an unfair judge like you because everyone is important to him, the gays, the lesbian, the rich, poor, the God of Man, anointed, the unanointed, the scorned and the loved. God will not punish someone because they stood up to the excesses of your God man. Stop judging, take your focus away from self-worship and be free by discovering the true agape and kindness of God. You may not have material wealth or be mummy GO but still be happy, contented and be closer to your God. Promise please change your ways because Jesus is coming soon and he will bring truth and justice in the Earth. Shalom!
Great one
God Bless you for these words dear Jubilee. Ride on Pastor Ani. We are not afraid or intimidated.
I love you dearly PA
So apt...the meaning within the words are deep and true, truly so.... I salute your courage and determination I salute your clean heart and clear conscience I salute your love for God and standing up for the truth You stood alone, unbelievably so, you took it all on, despite all Am sadden, yes and heart broken. But I can not argue with your experience and what you been through So how am also happy, yes because its your new phase, a new beginning without tears, longer, loneliness and heart ache. Like the bicycle experience, your learning is done ride....ride...ride, enjoy your life. Congratulations!!!