We run by angels daily in different ways and this can be acknowledged when some unexpected intervention take place in your life. Angels are released from God's throne in heaven into the affairs of man. They can be involved in all facets of life in both the spiritual and natural everyday activities of man. Act 12:5 – 12, Genesis 18, 19 are some examples.

It might be a little gesture that has had an indelible impact on you from an unknown person. It could be someone new and special who comes into your life to constitute a significant change on you; at this stage I regard this experience as a kiss from an angel.

It is usually a definite gesture, a profound touch, not just in words but also in evident action like somebody running down to rescue you from a burning car. An instance from the bible is the unknown Samaritan who helped a robbed and beaten traveller. The Samaritan supported him while in hospital without expecting a reward or disclosing his identity.

We benefit from the kindness of angels but do we emulate these gestures we receive, to others? It is good to express gratitude and give back to people as well by being an unknown helper.

Share how you were an angel to somebody or how an angel touched you.

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, and delivers them.

Psalm 34:7


Thank you Pastor Anita, i will write a poem with this title.. One evening i was going home from seeing a friend, on my way to the bus station i meet two kids walking asking for a shortest route they would use to get back home, i decided to ask them were they were going, and to my surprise these kids were actually going very far and they didn't even transport money. Deep within God told me to help these kids, i had to give them money for transportation and took them exactly were they needed to board the bus from, while moving with the kids they poured there hearts on how they had moved earlier in the day from morning to late afternoon walking a long distance so as to go and see their sick parent... I really thank God for using me in that time and being an Angel that kissed their lives :-) :-)
ogho Gaius
I need a tough from an angel right now.
DrS Wisdom
I really like this phenom, because it's one I have experienced first hand. I have met people over the years randomly, and just from saying hello to them at airports or streets around the world, investing in a friendship, the individual happened to have a solution to something I needed, or vice versa. I used to get upset if I missed a flight years ago. Now, I just smile and wait for the next flight. Because I'm expecting an 'angel' to sit next to me on the next plane or in the lounge waiting for the flight. When I go out now, I expect to meet such. I have had people say to me: you were an ANGEL sent to me. We must keep our eyes open. Thanks for sharing, Lady Anita.