Daisy was absolutely amazing.


It was a pleasure meeting Jeff. He was a decorator but had no idea regarding advising his clients on colour schemes; he said his wife had all the ideas. He did what she suggested and with her help, his work always turned out looking beautiful. They had moved to the country because of her love for nature. Unfortunately, she died a few years ago. Now he has an amazing friend called Daisy.


Jeff's colleague wanted a dog desperately; he had made all the necessary arrangements to get his choice dog. He asked if Jeff could accompany him on the day of his appointment to collect his dog at The Rescue Centre. While his friend was busy with his dog. Daisy also a rescue dog, instantly took to Jeff at first sight.  She played with Jeff all day so much that when it was time to go home, Jeff could not imagine leaving The Rescue Centre without the appealing and loving affection Daisy shared with him. At that point, he decided instantly to adopt Daisy and both men left the Centre with their new dogs. Jeff said he was happy with his decision proudly telling me Daisy has been a great companion and a bundle of joy with whom he had shared some beautiful years now.


Daisy was amazing; it was fun playing with her and wishing I had a dog as well, but on second thoughts, I wouldn't be able to take her around like Jeff. It was convenient to take Daisy along with him to work because of the nature of his job. It was more admirable to see the love they both shared. It was evident with Jeff and Daisy that a dog could be a faithful friend, releasing a lot of love. Over the past year, I have had conversations with a few dog owners and my observation is that there is always a story behind owning their dog; it could be out of this world or delightful. I will love to hear your doggy tale if you have one. Thanks




I just found this blog and I find it very delightful. My sister has a dog and really loves him like a child. I don't have one but I kinda understand dogs and loyalty.
Dorothy Seyi
I love you pastor anita you are always on my mind. You are a beautiful person full of grace and kindness.
Thank you Pastor Anita.
Before I share my brief doggy story, please permit me to say this. I’ve known you for over 30years. From a distance. You knew my mom and my siblings. I’ve always admired your modesty, humility and Godly-reverence. Thank you for being YOU.
Dogs are loyal and do not harbour any grudge or keep ‘pay-back’ in mind for a later date. They wait impatiently for their owner’s return, are sad to see him/her go and when you scold them, they come back with this trusting look in their eyes as if nothing ever happened. They are a good example for us humans to also learn from.
I once had a dog, Season was his name. Very lovable dog. I had to leave home for a long time...my siblings too went off to college and I was forced to make a decision to give my beautiful dog away. It was a hard decision but I did what I felt was best for him. Many years down the line, I've adopted a cat and I'm happy with my feline friend.